April Favs!

This week’s edition of Friday Favs will be a monthly fav since April did just end yesterday.  But seriously though, where does time go?  I honestly feel like April was such a blur.

…moving on.

1. I have absolutely been obsessed with my office bamboo plant.  Extra brownie points for the adorable panda sitting next to it 😀 His name is Fetty & he brings us all positive energy to get us through the day.


2.  Since we’re on the panda page, I’ve also been loving my Tony Moly Panda Brightening Eye Base.  Full review will be coming soon so look out for that.  Just look at the packaging though…It makes me feel all warm & fuzzy seeing it every morning on my vanity 🙂


3. Along with the eye talk, I have been struggling to find the perfect under eye concealer.  It just seemed like there was no hope for my dark circles until a friend of mine introduced me to the NYX Hi Definition Photo Concealer Wand.  It’s light weight with great coverage without being cakey.  My main problem with concealers was that they’d keep giving me dry patches under my eye, but not anymore with this concealer!  Not to mention how affordable it is.  Pair this with my Panda Brightening Base & I’m #flawless lol jk, but really though…


(Image: Ulta.com)

4. Moving away from beauty, this month I also fell in love with Prospect Park, Brooklyn.  It’s such a beautiful place with so much to do.  Since the weather is finally getting better I will definitely be visiting my friend more often for Sunday strolls or just to kick it at the park & soak in some much needed Vitamin D.


5.  My last April favorite is a YouTuber, Kathleen Lights.  I’ve been watching her from the beginning and to see how far she has come is just remarkable.  She’s funny, adorable, & keeps it real.  When you watch her videos it feels like you actually know her.  It’s like she’s my people.  Feel me?

What were you guys loving this April?  Let us know below!




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