DIY: Nail Polish Rack

During one hot, summer evening, I was contemplating on what color to paint my nails (the struggle).  As I was rummaging through my Victoria Secret bag where I kept ALL my polishes, I thought to myself, “there has to be an easier way”.  Dumping nail polishes onto my bed and sorting through ALL 50+ colors was no way to live #FirstWorldProblems.

After I finally picked a color, I opened my laptop and started watching YouTube videos (usually what I do while painting my nails).  I came across beauty guru, DulceCandy’s page and stumbled upon a DIY project she did on building her own nail polish rack. Video here

The nail polish gods have answered my question.

The next morning, I showed the video to my dad and he replied, “well that’s easy”.  So we took a trip to Home Depot and gathered the supplies.  The whole project took us maybe 2 days max.  It was quite simple, so I’m here to tell you how you can do it as well!

What you’ll need:

1. 7- 3″ x 24″ wood/board (My dad said to get wood rather than board since it was more sturdy.  You could cut the pieces of board right at Home Depot and you could find someone to help you out with measurements) (7 pieces gave me 5 shelves)

2. 2- 3″ x 36″ wood/board 

3. 1- 24.5″ x 36 back board 

(all pieces of board/wood will depend on the number of shelves you want & size according to the placement of the rack)

4. Gorilla Glue

5. Color of paint you want your rack to be 

6. Little screws + electric screw driver (only if you’re using wood, if using boards you should be fine with just Gorilla Glue & maybe a hot glue gun).

7. Pencil

8. Ruler/leveler 


After you have your measured boards & pieces of wood, lay them out & precisely measure where each shelf will be placed on the back board.  Mine had about a 4 inch gap between each shelf.  Draw straight even lines with your pencil & ruler/leveler.

Glue each piece of board/wood onto the back board with the Gorilla Glue.  Let dry for a few minute.

Glue sides of each shelf to connect the 2 long pieces of wood/board.

Once all pieces are glued on & the rack is to your liking, let it sit for a few minutes.  If you are using just boards you won’t need to take these extra steps.

For added support if using wood, use screws to secure.  Once all done, paint the rack to your liking, let dry, then you’re done!

Hang it on a wall or put it anywhere you please :).

I swear it’s not as hard as I probably made it sound.  The weather is getting nicer & this would be a fun DIY to do with a friend, sibling, parent, or even yourself!

The final results:


Now I don’t have to struggle looking for a nail polish! (I also, store my hair products on the bottom shelf)





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