Employee Review: My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Total Effects Black Mask

Hello beauties,

Caitlin here with my thoughts on a hot new trend I tried out last night!

I was lucky enough to bring home a My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Total Effects Black Mask  sheet for a true Mask Monday at home!

Being a Beauteque employee, I have enjoyed many sheet masks at this point, loving going into the arsenal of awesomeness i stow beneath my bathroom sink (that would be my giant box of masks organized by skin need thankyouverymuch). And like so many of you, I know (and love) the drill of tearing open a new mask pack. unfolding, and applying that little patch of skin-need nirvana for about a half-hour.

My classic go-to mask is a My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt sheet, and I’m used to those neat little pink rectangles of bliss. But the brand has a bit different packaging for their black mask venture, as you can see below:

This packaging is larger than the classic My Beauty Diary line I am used to, and has a sleek, matte finish with a little bit of gloss for the “Black Mask” logo. Very chic, MBD!

Intrigued, I tore open the package.

And, wow… it is literally a black mask. As in, I felt like I could not only save my skin but the citizens of Gotham City moonlighting as Batgirl ..

The Mask, ready to “rejuvenate” and “revitalize”, as the package says!

I applied it pretty much like any other mask, except that this one does have an additional part that seems to extend beneath the chin and nearly onto the neck. Hmm, I guess there’s no harm in including this area as well, and it might have accounted for the larger-than-usual MBD packaging.

I have to say, this  mask instantly soothed and cooled my skin, and seemed to have even more moisture and skin-goodifying ingredients than I am used to! I always enjoy my half-hour of mask meditation/confusing my cat, Izzy, as I tend to do in alter-ego mask mode.

When it was time to return to the real world, I peeled off the mask and was rewarded with visible and touchable soft, brightened, moisture-infused skin amazingness. I really did feel this was a more intense mask than usual, in a good way!

When I woke up today, I continued to enjoy that soft, firmer, clearer skin that the black mask graced me with hours earlier. I don’t know, I just feel more refreshed, and overall better when I use a mask, and I’ve found a new favorite to fight crime-er, skin grime, with. And to play mirror superhero in. Which I totally didn’t.

Order yours today!




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