Spring Cleaning: Makeup Brush Edition

The weather’s getting nicer and people are starting their Spring cleaning!

Today we bring you “How to Clean Makeup Brushes“.

If you’re anything like me, cleaning makeup brushes is an annoying task that you hold off for as long as possible, but because good hygiene is very important to have, one must suck it up and clean those bad boys every so often.  You should be cleaning your brushes AT LEAST once or twice a month.  if you’re a clean freak, then maybe once a week.

If you just start thinking about all the dirt, oil, and bacteria that builds up in your brushes, you’ll immediately squirm and start cleaning the life out of them.  Not to scare you or anything.

I will be adding my beauty blender to this as well.

What you’ll need:

1. Your makeup brushes & beauty blender (duh)

2. blendercleanser solid (This is what I use, but of course,  there are many other options such as baby shampoo, gentle face cleanser, anti bacterial soap mixed with olive oil, etc)

3. Luke warm water

4. A small bowl (if you are not using the blendercleanser)

The great thing about the blender cleanser solid (got mine from Sephora) is that, it makes the cleaning process less of a hassle.  All you basically do is run the solid under warm water, take your brush and swirl it around.  Then, I rinse the brushes and soak the excess water with a paper towel and lay them to dry.

IMG_1125  IMG_1126 IMG_1129

As for the beauty blender, I first rinse & squeeze it under running water.  Then, I rub the blender against the solid and run it under the water while squeezing.  Repeat process a few times till you don’t see anymore makeup coming out of the blender. (The red is just the color of my beauty blender bleeding)

 IMG_1115 IMG_1121

If you want to use any of the other solutions to clean your brushes, such as the easy, at home method with olive oil and anti bacterial soap, here’s what to do:

Mix some soap with olive oil in a little bowl.  Add some warm water, take your brushes and swirl them inside the bowl.  Once cleaned, rinse brushes under warm water and sit them to dry.  This is an easy, cheaper alternative and just as effective.

*Before & after pics


IMG_1106 IMG_1138

What are some of your tips and tricks for cleaning your makeup brushes?  Let us know!




4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: Makeup Brush Edition

  1. I dont know why but looking at your clean brushes just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside haha I need to do the same so thanks for reminding me! tomorrow is spring cleaning day haa xx loved your post

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