Friday Favorites: Coachella Trends Edition

Of all the music festivals out there, Coachella is definitely the most fashion focused. With the abundance of celebrity attendees and proximity to L.A., it’s not just about seeing some really cool artists, but equally a chance to make a fashion statement and be seen. There’s tons of festival fashion staples that will always be seen like flower crowns, crop tops, neons, jean shorts, ankle boots and more, but here’s a look at some of my personal favorites. Since we are finally getting that spring sunshine and warmth in NJ, some of these will be on my must haves shopping list!

Wide Brimmed Hats

I feel like they top off any old outfit with chicness. They were pretty prevalent throughout the weekend, and with hours of being out in the sun I think it’s a smart way to protect your self and still look great.


All White

There is just something about all white that feels fresh and fab, and it was seen all over at Coachella. I can personally never own enough white T’s or tanks, definitely a staple for me.


Beachy Waves

I love the perfectly undone beachy wave look, as does everyoneee else. It looks effortless and free spirited but we all know it takes just about as much time and effort to achieve an “effortless” look, well for me anyway….



Keeping with the flowly and free vibes, kimonos add that extra something to your outfit without the bulk.  Whether over a tank top or bikini top, they are so versatile and are for sure a hit with a pair of shorts.


Printed Maxis 

Maxis are those great all in one kind of outfits that really ease the decision making.  I loved seeing all the different styles and prints from the weekend.  They are a summer must have for me!


What are some of your favorite looks from Coachella, or for music festivals in general?




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