Friday Favorites! 4/10/2015

Welcome back to Friday favorites!

Show– A new show called Lip Sync Battle has me rolling! Celebrities literally just lip sync battle each other and it is hiLARious. Last night Anne Hathaway literally came in like a wrecking ball:

Catch this show Thursday nights at 10PM on Spike, plus it’s hosted by LL Cool J, and I mean who doesn’t love some LL?

OITNB-The Orange Is the New Black trailer for season 3 just released and anyone else have as many questions as I do?!  All i know is that I’m counting down to June 12th

grav3yardgirl– Yes, Bunny Meyer, aka grav3yardgirl, the YouTuber, posted a haul video this week featuring products from our website  We’re all a little overwhelmed here in the office, but it’s so exciting!!!

Music- Today is my favorite rapper/producer/emcee/lyricist’s birthday!  So special shout out to Q-tip from A Tribe Called Quest

Beauty– This week I got a sample of the Tony Moly Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack.  The packaging alone is just über adorable. It really did help even out my skin and appear more bright!


You could find this little guy here.

What were you guys loving this week?  Let us know in the comments below!




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