Mizon No.1 King’s Berry Aqua Step-Up Cream Review

Hi guys!  So I’m fairly new to this whole K Beauty trend that’s coming in like a crazy storm here in the US. I didn’t realize how big the market is becoming till I started working at Beauteque. Now, I get to sample & experiment with many of the cool, new products we get!

I was lucky enough to take home the Mizon No.1 King’s Berry Aqua Step-Up Cream & have been using it for little over a week now.


Before I get started on the review, a little background info on my skin: I thought I had pretty oily skin, till this winter decided to prove me otherwise. I suffered from dry skin all winter and it wasn’t fun. I was on the hunt for the perfect cleanser & moisturizer, but unfortunately I haven’t found “the one” yet. Now that winter is practically over, my oils are starting to come back slowly. So right now, I’m at the combination skin phase. I still have dry skin, but my T-zone will get somewhat oily throughout the day.

On to the review!


This product comes in the cutest packaging ever! I mean, how fab is that gorilla?! You get a very generous amount of product, 300ml or about 10oz. When you open it, the cream is actually a gel-like consistency, it’s not creamy at all. It’s an aqua color gel with these little light blue micro beads inside.


Product claims: “Mizon’s No. 1 King’s Berry Aqua Step-Up Cream hydrates and softens skin. This cool and soothing gel-style moisturizer contains 30 natural plant ingredients that provides skin with rich moisture and protection from harmful environmental elements.” It also claims to have skin whitening & wrinkle care functions.

When I first applied it onto my skin, it had a cooling sensation, which I absolutely love. My main concern when trying this product was that I wouldn’t be hydrated enough. Gel-like moisturizers usually leave a tight feeling to my skin, especially when I’m suffering from dryness. I usually keep these types of moisturizers for the summer time. Once I rubbed it all into my skin, I was surprised at how quickly is absorbed. With a sigh of relief, my face wasn’t feeling dry at all. After letting the moisturizer set in completely, my skin actually felt a lot softer & there were no dry patches (which I do usually get).


After using this product religiously for over a week now, I have finally managed to get a skincare routine that caters to my combination skin.  My final verdict on the Mizon No.1 King’s Berry Aqua Step-Up Cream is a thumbs-up! You get an A Mizon, good job 🙂  This will definitely be a holy grail item in the hot summer days to come.

If you’d like to get your hands on this, you can find it at Beauteque.com for $32.99, which is well worth it for the quantity!

Have any of you tried this product or anything similar?  Do you have any K beauty recommendations for my annoying skin?!  Comment below:)




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