Top  5 Best Sellers Of March 2015

Here we are again! It’s time to see what you Beauties bought this month with our monthly round of Top 5 Best Sellers. honeybreakfast mizon

  1. Oh Honey! ft The Harlot Beauty- It’s no doubt that our collaboration with Rachel is number one on this list. Her collection sold out in less than 20 minutes. Rachel claims that honey is one of her favorite skin care ingredients, so it was easy to decide on the theme. Honey is obviously one of our favorite ingredients too!
  2. Head to Toe Breakfast- Head to Toe is usually on this list and for good reasons. For $26.00 you get 7 full sized products. This month we picked all items that related to breakfast. We included all the breakfast essentials such as tea, eggs, banana and even a vitamin. This one of a kind bag has far been our most popular Head to Toe bag.
  3. Mizon Magic ft Sample Hime- Another obvious contender for the list. Tiffany picked her favorite and most trusted Mizon products to share. Similar to Oh Honey! ft The Harlot Beauty, this bag also sold out quickly. Something tells me that we have to collaborate with beauty bloggers again.
  4. Etude House I Need You, Alphabet Mask, Lemon (L)- Etude House is our brand of the month and to celebrate, Beauteque has a sale on Etude House products. At $1 how could not want to pick this sheet mask up?
  5. Tony Moly I’m Real Broccoli Mask Individual Sheet- This sheet mask was so popular that it’s currently out of stock. Designed to reenergize your skin this sheet mask softens and moisturized your face. I may have to pick one of these up when they come back in stock.

Which one of these 5  is your favorite?


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