Beauty News

Its time for some beauty news! Here is a look at some of the most interesting articles this week on the web.

In an interview with US Magazine Kylie Jenner revealed that cosmetics from a local drugstore can be just as great as high end products.  Kylie being a huge fan of easy-to-apply strip lashes was quoted saying “I love CVS because I get all of my lashes from there, … We definitely have great lashes in the family, but lately, I’ve been obsessed with strip lashes and I can’t get enough of them,”


In an article featured on Elf cosmetics has announced the release of a frozen themed Elsa beauty collection.  The collection will contain 5 products: a beauty book, an eyeshadow compact, an: icing: eyeshadow and eyeliner, a face palette and a lip shine.  The products will be available to buy at your local Walgreens as well as  and range from $2.99 to $12.99.


The same website also released an article about Beyoncé’s fragrance called Heat Wild Orchid. Though this fragrance was previously available in Europe it will be its first release to be made available in the U.S.  This is Beyoncé’s fifth fragrance in her collection.  The scent is said to be a combination of floral and amber as well as fruity tones of pomegranate, coconut, and boysenberry.  It is also believed the heart of the scent is the butterfly orchid, which is “believed to have magical aphrodisiac qualities.”


In an article with Allure magazine watching YouTube videos may actually improve you work out routine.  The article states that “In a recent study, researchers found that watching video footage with a musical soundtrack while exercising may be more beneficial than just listening to music.” Though its well know music alone is a fantastic motivator,  the article goes on to explain that video stimuli along with a musical track is more efficient in distracting your brain from fatigue and discomfort giving you a more productive and beneficial workout routine. So plug in your headphones and catch up on the latest episode of your favorite TV show and keep on running!



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