Friday Favorites

It’s Friday and it’s Anna’s turn to reveal her favorites from this week!

Favorite Morning Activity: 30 Days of Yoga by Yoga with Adriene. I’ve been following these videos for a few days now and I’m hooked. I’ve found something that literally makes me jump out of bed in the morning– granted I’m only on Day 3 so we will talk again when I’m at Day 16. Yoga has been a really great way to wake up as it sets the a nice and calm tone for the rest of my day. You don’t need to be all that bendy for the videos– I can’t even touch my toes, because the point of the videos is to be more conscious of your overall being which is something that we can all get behind.

Favorite Thing in Nature: Slurpee Waves. Have you ever seen anything like this before? It’s been so cold in Nantucket that the harbor is freezing. Makes today’s high of 33 degree feel like summer. Click the picture below to see more slurpee waves. waves Favorite This is Really Important: Net Neutrality. “This is a victory for free speech, plain and simple. Americans use the Internet not just to work and play, but to discuss politics and learn about the world around them. The FCC has a critical role to play in protecting citizens’ ability to see what they want and say what they want online, without interference” While everyone yesterday was freaking out over a dress, history was being made.


Favorite Did This Really Happen?: Runaway Llamas. On a less serious note, this may be my dream come true.


Favorite Thing We Are Going  to Do This Weekend: House of Cards. It’s back and I’ve already canceled all my weekend plans.


What are your favorites from this week?


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