Top 5 Beauteque Sellers of the Month!

Hello all, Caitlin here, and it’s just about time to reflect on the past month at Beauteque! Let’s look back at what you, our beauties, loved this month:HeadtoToePink_SM_01__73703.1423901934.500.659

1)Head to Toe Pink Bag USA– Head to Toe bags are always a hit due to their value! Seven products for less than $30 is an amazing deal. Not to mention, this was the “bag of love” during the month of love. We’d say you all returned that love!

2)Mask Fab Grab– the only thing better than a soothing sheet mask is a pack of 10 of them for an amazing price! For less than $20, customers snatched up this second-time-around hit. Fab Grab is actually the inspiration for Mask Maven, our newly launched mask subscription, so head over and get yours at now!!

3)Head to Toe Pink Bag EUR-Head to Toe Pink is a worldwide hit, and our lovelies in Europe proved no exception to that rule! You can still get it for a limited time only at

4) Holika Holika Juicy Mask Sheet-Blueberry-Hollika_Hollika_Juicy_Mask_Sheet_Blue_Berry__90374.1413990296.1280.1280It smells scrumptious, is awesome for your skin, and costs $1 at No wonder this little guy has been such a hot seller!

5) Beauteque Blooming Bouquet For Lips-This promotional bundle of three lip products sold out quickly-and with all the needs it covered, it’s easy to see why! A lip patch to smooth and exfoliate, a balm to further smooth things over, and a lipstick to top it all off. If you loved the Blooming Bouquets, look for something similar this coming month!BloomingBouquet_SM_01_03lip__41263.1423150760.190.250


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