Friday Favorites!

Hey everyone!  I will be describing what I thought the top 5 interesting things were this week! If you want to know, then keep scrolling!

Favorite Movie: We all have different opinions about Christian Grey, but you got to admit Jamie Dornan was pretty hot! 


Favorite Beauteque Venture: Our Mask Maven is a new subscription we launched this week. It features, masks on masks on masks(different types though),  if you have not checked it out yet, then click here. 

mask maven wordpress

Favorite Event: NYC Restaurant Week was pretty cool! There were so many different types of great foods featured. 


Favorite Holiday: Chinese New Year fell on February 19th this year! We hope the year of the goat will bring you great prosperity and joy!


Favorite Fashion Trend: The New York Fashion Week just wrapped and everyone saw “velvet dresses” everywhere on the runway.Not only will this be a favorite trend this week, but also it will be an ongoing trend throughout 2015.


Thank you everyone!


Elina Hsueh


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