Friday (The 13th) Favorites!!

caitlinHey Beauties! Caitlin here to talk about what was hot this week-despite fr-fr-fr-freezing temps here in the northeast- with my edition of Friday Favorites!

1) Everyone’s fave everywoman Drew Barrymore encourages chicas everywhere to rock a red lip for VDay!


If there’s one woman whose word is good, it’s Drew’s- and though a crimson lip is bold,  she’s dishing out tips on how to be not afraid of the classic look on the day of love. “I think one way to take fear out of it is to go with a lip lacquer instead of a matte lipstick,” the Flower Beauty founder told PEOPLE. “I think matte just makes it seem like a closed, chalky immovable door, where as lacquer — who’s not going to want to just kiss it. It shines,” she said recently. Hmm, how perfect that the Missha Mania sale at Beauteque has lip lacquers on serious sale right now!!

2) The Grammy Awards. Not only did my fave band AC/DC rock it out to kick things off, several artists left us with words to live by!

Host LL Cool J inspired everyone watching by noting that there is “no expiration date on dreams.” That quote has stuck with me all week. Anyone with dreams collecting dust on a shelf-it’s time to bring ‘em back!

Sam Smith came away a big winner, and besides the obvious reason of his celestial voice, it’s easy to see why: his attitude toward life!57th GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

“Before I made this record, I was doing everything to try and get my music heard… I tried to lose weight and I was making awful music. And it was only until I started to be myself that the music started to flow and people started to listen,” he said after accepting the award for Best Pop Vocal Album.

At Beauteque, where our motto is “Be Your Best Self,” we could not agree more that being YOU, and true to you, is the way to go!

3)Fresh off the Boat on ABC. I mightfob be a little late to the block party on this one, but at least I didn’t miss the, well, boat! Flipping channels Tuesday night with Mom, we found this gem that I’d heard a bit about in promos-and am so glad I tuned in! Nostalgic 90s TV is all the rage-and, as a 90s kid, I have to say I all but snail-mailed away my (fictional, of course) Fresh off the Boat fan club money after laughing at this awesome sitcom set way, way back in ’94 about a suburban family in Florida. I loved the cultural retrospective references-in cheeky scenes, a screechy computer modem toils to connect to the ‘Net no avail, a grade schooler pictures himself in rap videos and rocks Kangol hats and Adidas, and a Mazda Miata-possibly the defending titleholder of the most 90s compact sports car ever-gets repo’d. The 30-minute laughfest had heartwarming moments as well as funny ones. Count me in to time-travel again next week.

4)Smiley Face in Space!  A smiling lens

The Hubble Telescope caught this smiley face from space and it’s been making headlines! The happy Hubble discovery is actually a massive galaxy cluster known as SDSS J1038+4849. While I’d give the chipper little guy a more catchy name (“Smiley in the sky-ly,” anyone? Ok, I’m done with naming things except for my car, I swear), this is as adorable as it is extraterrestrial! I think it should have its own facebook page if it doesn’t already-what a great default pic!!


5) It’s Skin Neck Focus Patch, available at Beauteque, was also something I indulged in Tuesday night! A sheet mask enthusiast, I decided to nourish my neck with this patch’s moisturization benefits. And my neck has stayed nice and soft for days after the fact! Anything to feel like a mini-spa night…

And there you have it-the best moments of the week in my eyes! What did YOU


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