Beauteque’s Favorite Wintertime Activity (That Doesn’t Involve Hot Cocoa)

After a balmy holiday season, the polar vortex sailed in and it officially feels like wintertime. The cold season doesn’t mean that we have to spend all of our time indoors. We asked around the office “What is your favorite wintertime activity that doesn’t involve hot cocoa?” So take a closer look into how Beauteque employees beat those winter blues!


Elina, CEO- My favorite winter time activity is to go skiing with my family. Previously we have visited the Camelback Mountain and Shawnee Mountain and both were very fun. I look forward in going back to challenge the next slope this winter.


Caitlin, Marketing Associate- I love popping popcorn on a snowy day and catching up on reruns of shows I loved as a kid that run during the daytime! Oh, and doing a sheet mask is a great way to spend a snow day and treat your skin too!


Anna, Marketing Intern- My favorite wintertime activity is hiking. The trails are usually empty so it’s the best time for exploring. Plus getting a little fresh air does wonders for my skin! I make sure to apply a moisturizer before heading out so I don’t dry out my face.


 Cindy, Graphic Design Intern- I like to cozy up in bed and draw while listening to music.


Diya, Assistant Marketing Manager- Roasting marshmallows!!!!!

What’s your favorite wintertime activity that doesn’t involve hot cocoa? Leave a comment below!


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