Beauteque’s Holiday Traditions

It’s officially Holiday season! Homes are filled with the aroma of freshly baked goods, relatives pop on by (sometimes unannounced) and presents are gifted and received. No matter which holiday you celebrate, everyone has their own holiday traditions. Here at Beauteque, we wanted to share with our readers some of the unique customs our employees celebrate.

Chris’s, Public Relations Associate, tradition focuses on seeing holiday joy radiate from other people. He says his favorite holiday tradition is “people watching: There’s something fun and magical about watching people hustle and bustle for what gifts to get for their families. Because in the end, only one thing matters to them, seeing that person in their life smile.”

Caitlin, Marketing Associate, takes a family oriented approach to celebrating the holidays. “My favorite holiday tradition is watching fun Christmas movies like “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” with my family as the Christmas tree lights glow! Oh, and seeing my cat Slinky make the tree her temporary home is something I look forward to every year.”

Elina, CEO, is all about the three “Fs”—food, family and fun. “My favorite holiday tradition would have to be the annual Christmas dinner spent in my house. Every year we always invite extended family and friends to our house to celebrate the special day. From preparing dinner with my mom and aunts to playing poker and card games with my cousins, all are what make up the memorable night.”

Anna, Marketing Intern, has a relaxing day filled with TV and pie. “My favorite holiday tradition would have to be marathoning “A Christmas Story” on TV before with my mom. I think one year we got halfway through our 5th viewing before one of us had to turn it off. And, of course, the day contains lots of homemade pie consumption.”

What are some of your holiday traditions?


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