Surviving Back to School

Introducing Beauteque's Back to School Survival Kits!

The summer is winding down, school is quickly approaching, and students everywhere are going into panic mode. For our Back to School campaign, we’ve prepared 3 beauty bags that will save your life—or at the very least, they’ll help you save time. All of the bags contain products that work quickly and effectively to keep your face looking flawless. Each bag is high-value, but to go easy on your student budget, we’ve priced them at $20 a pop. Non-students can join in on the fun too, since each bag targets common skin issues that just about everyone has to deal with at some point. Read on to see which bag (or bags) will fit you best!

The Stress Relief Kit: Your skin can react badly to stress, and you’ll need some cooling products that soothe inflamed, blemished, or chapped areas. With ingredients like aloe, snail extract, and green tea, the products in this bag will calm your complexion.

The On the Go Kit: Only have a minute or two between classes? Slow to get out of bed in the morning? Whatever the reason, sometimes you need a beauty solution in seconds. This bag contains quick beauty must-haves, like a setting spray that keeps your makeup from smearing or fading.

The Multifunctional Kit: Give your look a total revamp. Each product in this bag targets multiple skin problems and has a variety of benefits, like the Liole Waterdrop Sleeping pack, which works overnight to moisturize, noticeably brighten, and firm your skin.


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