Why Do You Need a BB Bag?

By far, the highlight of our time as a young (and rapidly growing) company has been creating our BB Bag campaign.  At first glance, Beauteque Beauty Bags might seem similar to the subscription boxes that other big-name brands offer—but our Beauty Team handcrafted every single aspect of our service to have a little something extra.

The bag: We mean the bag itself, not the goodies inside– we’ll get to that part later. Each BB bag is sturdy (and cute) enough to work as your new makeup bag, your clutch for a girls’ night out, your toiletries bag for a long trip… it’s up to you. And the bag design changes each month, so you can gather a collection for any and every occasion.

The themes: The contents of each bag are based on a fun theme of our choosing, so you’ll never get bored. And by “our choosing,” we mean we’re welcome to our customers’ suggestions. Contact us and your brilliant idea just might make the next round of bags.

The words: We know it can seem confusing to have “East Meet West,” so we always include simple info about each product. That way, if you’re totally new to a product and its package doesn’t quite answer your questions, you’ll know the “what” and the “how” behind each of our beauty picks.

The picks: We’re all for surprises, but as a global company, we understand that the same beauty routine doesn’t work for everyone. So we make our Beauty Bags customizable—whether it’s a nude foundation or a flashy eyeshadow, you always choose your own shades.

The price: Did we mention each and every bag is only $22?


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