Top 10 Beauty Trends of Fall 2014

Stay up-to-date, wow your friends, and show off your runway look with the ten best beauty trends of fall 2014!

Metallic eye shadow. It’s all over the high-fashion world this season, but you can rock bold, shimmery eyelids even in the workplace—just keep the rest of your look soft and neutral.

False lashes. Go for super-thick, sky-high lashes to seriously accentuate your eyes and give off doll-like vibes.

Purple (lilac, lavender, or orchid) eye shadow. Pretty purples will help you keep a fresh, springy vibe even in the colder months.

Graphic eyeliner. Draw dramatic, thick lines in a variety of geometric designs and shapes. You have plenty of creative freedom. (We love the double cat’s eye!)

Strong, blunt brows. Forget plucking and tweezing—thick, neatly groomed brows are all the rage this fall.

Clean, well-conditioned skin. The industry is turning away from layers and layers of skin products (see: all-in-one BB creams) and finding beauty in the “plain”: clear, fresh skin.

Electric blue eye makeup.  Blue is the color of the moment!  Add an electric pop to your look, either by itself or as a vivid contrast to dark liner or shadow.

Ethereal makeup. Using lots of highlights and shimmers gives you a bright, fairy-like glow, especially if your skin is already pale.

Plaited hair/cornrows. Tightly weaved hair can be gathered into a ponytail, a bun, or a crown that wraps around your head. Bonus: it’ll stay in place all day long.

Deep side parts. The simple, severe part makes a statement and has been trending worldwide because it works with all kinds of hair textures and types.


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