July BB Bag Product Roundup: Office Style!

The Beauteque Beauty Team has been buzzing around the office for weeks, putting together every last detail of our first ever BB Bag. Now the bags are ready to go, and we’re ready to dish on what’s inside! Since we’re firm believers in beauty education, each item had to meet our high standards to snag a spot in the bag—and we had fun conducting some “tests” to make sure they did!


1 Beauteque Brush

The Beauteque Brush was the perfect way for our marketing intern, Lin, to touch up her face after a long day of chatting to our bloggers and putting BB bags together! Put down the worn-out sponge (or your fingers, which carry dirt and oils)—you can’t beat a thick brush when it comes to perfect, sweeping coverage.


1 Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil

How strong is your eyebrow game? To test the versatility, our creative writing intern, Emily, used the pencil to brush and neaten the natural arch of one brow. Then she touched up bare areas of the other brow with the angled pencil tip. When she walked out of the office and into seriously humid summer air later that evening, her brows stayed intact!


1 Beauteque Mineral Eye Shimmer

It’s frustrating to stick to the “natural” look  just because you can’t find makeup that works with  your skin, not against it. One of our graphic design interns, Rachel, has struggled with finding makeup that doesn’t irritate her fair, sensitive skin. So she was the perfect candidate for our new mineral eye shadow, which is hypoallergenic and free of chemical preservatives! (P.S. She went with a light “Pharaoh’s Gold.”)


2 My Beauty Diary Face Masks

If you haven’t tried face masks yet, we have one question: Why not?! They’re packed with nutrients that visibly work miracles on your complexion after only 20-30 minutes. And they’re so fun to wear— just ask our intern Alyssa, who wore a Lemon Vitamin-C mask around the office. She could literally feel how soaked the thin cotton was, and even used the extra formula on her neck and hands.


1 Bottle of Shea Hand Lotion

Most people reserve hand lotion as a solution for the rough, dry skin that often results from winter weather. Our graphic design intern, Beatriz, is an advocate for keeping hands soft year-round (after all, how could she draw with stiff or cracked hands?). Beauteque believes in maintaining beauty, so that we don’t ever have to stress about finding a “quick fix.”


1 Holika Holika Dessert Time Pudding Pack
1 Etude House “I Need You, Yogurt!” Yogurt Pack

(picture above: Etude House “I Need You, Yogurt!” Strawberry Yogurt Pack)

Beauteque believes that dessert time is anytime, so we’re obsessed with these pudding and yogurt packs! Since they’re quick wash-offs, this strawberry yogurt pack only took a few minutes to work its magic on our CEO, Elina. The thick, creamy formulas are packed with natural ingredients that work wonders and– bonus– they smell amazing. (We couldn’t get enough of the fruity scent!) Elina swears by these packs as a quick, easy way to cleanse and boost complexions.

Want to share your own BB Bag product “roundup” experience? Comment with your best pictures! Or if you haven’t gotten a BB Bag yet, head over to our website to grab one now— it’s an easy $22 for a bag valued at over $50!


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